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29 December 2010

Last 3 kits of 2010!

Available here

New Year New Start
Available Here

Per Sempre Tua
Forever Yours
Available Here

She's Heaven On Earth

How gorgeous is this taggie? made with my part of the New Beginnings Collab over at Heartbeatz Creationz, it is 10 dollars to buy or free with 8 dollar purchase!
the tag was made by Bev and i love it love it love it lol!
you can get the kit here
you can get the tut here
28 December 2010

Kit Club Membership

Become a member of my kit club!

a membership will get you a coupon code, personal to you
keep this very safe as it will be valid for whole of 2011

it will enable you to come into store and download every kit i have made in 2010 - over 60 kits already
and also will be able to be used with every new kit i make from now until end of 2011!

be sure to go to store front and join the store group to keep eye out for new releases or follow with rss feed or faceboog,
my blog link also is in download file
please follow instructions in the file to obtain your code
Just 30 Dollars!
Half price for 24 hours at 15 dollars!

Find it here

happy shopping!
23 December 2010


Heartbeatz Creationz Designers
Wish you every happiness to our friends and customers
for the Christmas Holidays and Celebrations
across the world!
We thank you for your support and custom in 2010 and hope to see you again throughout 2011

***New Beginnings***
Here is to 2011
Raise your glasses to New Beginnings
January will see our store celebrate our 2nd Birthday
as well as a hopefully better year for all of us!

Our special treat to you is New Beginnings

This stunning collab is brought to you by 17 of our very talented designers!

please read every designers terms
it is very important as this collection is a fantastic mix of not only personal use kits, but commercial use items too!

with 184 papers and 516 elements, there is plenty to keep you busy
includes a mix of full and tag size pu kits, cu items, tiles and posers too!
get this beautiful collection free with just $8 spend in store!


Christmas & New Year Sales!

Bello Scarto - 80c Sale - ends 31 December
Heartbeatz Creationz - 80c Sale - ends 31 December
Ariasparkle - 40% of Sale - ends 31 December
AW Designs 30% off Sale - ends 31 December
Babycakes - $1.00 Sale - ends 31 December
Bluebird - 60% off - ends 31 December
Bunchie's Bin - 60% - ends 26 December
Dark Kat Kreations - 95c Sale - ends 31 December
Debs Design $1.25 Sale - ends 31 December
EmJay Scraps - 50% off Sale - ends 26 December
Gothic Witch Creations - 45% off Sale - ends 31 December
HF Projekte - $1 sale - ends 31 December
TaggingAngels - 45% off Sale - ends 31 December
Laura's Designz - 80c Sale - ends 31 December
Lysira's Graphic World - 60% off Sale - ends 31 December
Mystic Creations - 50% off Sale - ends 31 December
Norminha Designs - 99c Sale - ends 31 December
P & A Dezigns - 88c Sale - ends 31 December
Poserwelt - 50% off Sale - ends 31 December
Puddicat - 50% off sale - ends 20 December
Rebel Dezigns - 50c Sale - ends 31 December
Rieka_Rafita - 50% Sale - ends 31 December
Rieneke Designs - 30% off Sale - ends 31 December
Scrappin With Lil Ole Me - 45c sale - ends 27 December
Roo - 50% off Sale - ends 31 December
Creation by Sanie - 65% off Sale - ends 28th December
ViringArt - 60% off Sale - ends 31 December
Tantalizing Designz - 65% off sale - 31 December
Wilma4ever - 40% off - ends 3 January
WishingonaStarr - 40c sale - ends 31 December
Fantasy Dreams Designz - 50% off Sale - ends 31 December
Kairinakat Kreations 50% off Sale - ends 31 January

Keep up to date with us using the icons below

You don't need never miss anything from store again!

Have you seen our new tutorial site?
Tuts in a Heartbeat
click blinkie to visit or the link above in the header
All tuts are written using kits here in the store
Photoshop tutorials now available too!

15 December 2010

Stargazers Dream by Bello Scarto

Darkness falls
yet all is light
Stars they shine
sparkle bright
touching us gently
with silver gleam
kissing our eyelids
Stargazers Dream...
~Jane Anderson~

This is my newest kit Stargazer

a stunning mix of midnight and starlight
it has 10 papers, 35 elements and is tagger size
personal use only

a taster of my Kit Stargazers also here in store
it is a stunning mix of midnight and starlight
it has 5 papers, 15 elements and is tagger size
personal use only
Do you want this kit for free?
get it as part of our gorgeous collab here in store
free with a purchase of just 8 dollars or more!
check out the collab here

Most all of the designers have created matching PTU Kits too!
Participating Designers are:

Myself, my kit is here

A Taggers Scraps,
Bunchie's Bin,
Created By Jill,
Candy's Treats,
Digicats (& Dogs),
Gothic Inspirations
Nette's NightOwl Works.


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