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28 February 2011

Steampunk Carnival Blog Train!

its time again for our little train to leave the station people!

you can download my part of Steampunk Carnival here
be sure to check out the other stops on our journey! be sure to check back as timezones may vary!

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HF Projekte
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27 February 2011

Butterfly Lounge Forum

our old forum has re opened folks, come keep up with the designers of Heartbeatz Creationz Store in the Butterfly Lounge
get to know them and meet other designers, friends, taggers, customers and siggie piggies
chatter away and play games, twirl tags, get exclusive pressies and tags and more..!
Butterfly Lounge - The home of Heartbeatz Creationz
all welcome!

Coming Soon... Carnival Steampunk

coming 1 march folks
Carnival Steamounk Blogtrain is due to leave the station, here is preview of my part to the train
be sure to follow us to catch us on the journey!
26 February 2011


Join our Carnival Party with the gorgeous collab brought to you by the designers of Heartbeatz Creationz
Packed full of goodies!
there are full size kits, tag size kits, gradients, tiles, posers and some cu items too!

14 of our designers joined in to bring this colourful collection and at just $10 is an absolute bargain!
even better is you can have this for free!
just spend $10 anywhere in store and it will automatically be included in your cart for free!!!!

Taggers 2gether for New Zealand

well folks,
i could not wait to get started on this it gave me a little mojo to open up
psp and do something constructive!
my kit for the collab to help this cause is finished and ready
in the sidelines for the launch of the collab soon,
it is going to be huge!
be sure to bookmark and follow the blog to be on hand
when it goes live
this kit wil only be available in the collab for TT4NZ and not in the stores
25 February 2011

Taggers 2Gether 4 NZ

i am helping - are you?

this wonderful project is being put together as i type,
a very large number of our tagging community are coming together to create a collab to raise funds to help those affected by the horrendous disaster in New Zealand

all details can be found on the blog set up especially for this

Taggerz 2Gether 4 NZ

you can help by either joining in the growing number of designers contributing or just donating to recieve the massive kit when it is complete!

**Lets Make A Difference**

24 February 2011

Always Lovely

Another absolutely stunning tag made from my Lady of Pleasure kit, i cant believe the amount of different things done with this kit, all the same kit but everthing made so different, i love it
this one was made for me by Vikkey and the tutorial she has written for it is found here on her blog Tut's By Vikkey, thank you so much hunnie x
the kit can be found in all 3 stores i sell in, why not check out each and see where the best deal is tday for the kit x
22 February 2011

St Pattys Day Clip Art - $1.11 sale! CU OK!

commercial use ok, clip art perect to finish you St Patricks day kits and layouts
get them here at Stargazers in my 1.11 sale!
21 February 2011


How hot is this taggie! another fabulous creation made for my by another member of my CT team Linda of Toddler's Tutorials, thank you so much hunnie, i love it!
you can get the tutorial here on her blog and the kit is my Lady Of Pleasure available in all stores listed here at the side, check out for the best sales today :)
20 February 2011

I See You

I Seee youuuu
one of my favourite kits ive made and Vikkey, one of my new CT;s got busy with it rightaway and came up with this gorgeous taggy and a fabulous tutorial to go with it!
the kit you can get in my stores at the side here,
and check out for the best deals on at the moment!
the tutorial if you fancy a go is here at Tut's By Vikkey
thank you so much hunnie, i love it!

Lady of Pleasure

my gorgeous new tag was made for me by Sonya of Devious Desires, one of my new personal CT member, she has written a fabulous tutorial for it here
i love this so much hunnie, thank you so much for using my kit
Kit used in the tutorial is my Lady Of Pleasure kit and can be found here on sale x
13 February 2011

Buy My Store - 60 KITS!!!

All my tag size kits from 2010
available here in one purchase Exclusive to Stargazers

Get them Here
All 60 kits i made last year are included in this offer

over 150 dollar worth!
they are
1. Lessons in Love
2. New Beginnings
3. Steampunk New Year
4. Stargazers
5. Stargazer Add on
6. Fall Ever Friends
7. It's A Kind Of Magic
8. Midsummers Dream
9. Steampunk Christmas
10. Steampunk Express
11. American Sweetheart
12. Bello Giorno
13. Cirque de la Nuit
14. Happy Days
15. Indian Summer
16. Lesser
17. Little Miss USA
18. Made In Britain
19. Steampunk
20. This is England
21. An Extraordinary Christmas
22. Autumn Queen
23. Christmas Magic
24. Cieli Lilla
25. I See You
26. Last Christmas
27. Melancholy Hill
28. Mercy Lynch
29. Amo Il Mio Orso
30. Resolutions
31. Where My Eileen is Waiting
32. Welcome Spring
33. Violets Are Purple
34. The Thirst
35. Show me The Love
36. Stagione di Amore
37. Sorrow
38. Sia Miei
39. Scrap Angel
40. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
41. My Beloved, My Baby
42. Make A Wish Baby
43.La Primavera
44. I Love Ewe
45. Hysteria
46. Goth Given Love
47. From This Moment
48. Fiore Grazioso
49. Fantasy Fae
50. Fae Graziosi
51. Dolly DayDream
52. Dark Reunion
53. Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow
54. Cold Cold Heart
55. Chocolate is The Answer
56. Chemical Romance
57. Bello Scarto
58. Bad Romance
59. Amore Dolce
60. Amore Allineare
10 February 2011

Love Bug

New in stores today and on sale too, check out the stores at the side and find the best bargain!
9 February 2011

Lady of Pleasure

My kit Lady of Pleasure was used to make this taggie, made for me by my wonderful friend Miss Vix xxx she made me a matchin stat too and i loveeeeee it! thank you so much hunnie!
the kits used can be bought in any of my stores, check where the sales are ;)
4 February 2011

Love Hurts

How stunning is this taggie i had made for me?
the tutorial for this was written by Carol of Hugahav's Haven

the kit used is my Lady of Pleasure available here in store and on sale now!
thank you so much hunnie for a beautiful tag!


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