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11 March 2011

Seasons - Taggers 2Gether 4 NZ

After the devastation Japan yesterday i wish there was even more we could do

in the wake of the tragedy in New Zealand 47 designers came together and between us all have created a massive collaboration of Seasons Kits

the kits have been made with love and prayer to do what we can to help the people of New Zealand recover, i am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful gesture and hope we can help with what little we can xx

these wonderful kits will be available in just 2 days and all for the small donation of $10
the money paid for it does not pass through any of the designers hands, it is directly deposited with the NZ Salvation Army

please help by donating and in return recieve these amazing kits x
for more information check out the blog here
i am saddened that so close to release that it happend again in Japan, and even more death, devastation once again destroys life
it makes us realise just how fragile lives are and how much we take it for granted :(


Chilipepper said...

I so agree with you. My prayers are with Japan and her People as they are in New Zealand also.


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